Y Combinator-Backed FanHero Helps YouTubers Sell Branded Merch To Their Fans

19 Июл


There are a lot of new YouTube stars out there, dudes who have a bunch of subscribers to their channels, watching their videos and whatnot. But sometimes it’s tough to make a ton of money from YouTube. I mean, advertising isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be, and then you share some revenue with YouTube and the next thing you know there’s not that much left.

They’ve got a lot going for them. I mean, it’s cheaper than ever to buy a camera and get started and edit your stuff together and, man, there are a ton of people on YouTube. But they just wish they could make a little more money, you know. It’s hard out there being a YouTube creator.

I mean, you’ve just gotta keep churning out the videos. You know, feed the beast.

So anyway, there’s this company called FanHero. It’s all about helping those…

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Microsoft Finally Reveals That No One Wanted The Surface RT

19 Июл


Windows RT is a dog. We’ve been saying that from the beginning. We weren’t alone. It’s very hard to find a positive review of Windows RT, and more specifically, the nine-month-old Microsoft Surface with RT. And now Microsoft, in its latest earnings report, finally revealed that we were right.

The company took a massive $900M writedown last quarter because of unsold Surface RT’s. Even more telling is that Microsoft actually revealed this loss. It’s that big. The company had to tell investors why it didn’t meet Wall Street’s expectations.

Sadly, the Surface RT hardware is not at fault here. The tablet itself is actually a beautiful machine: sleek, solid and downright stunning. It’s hard to pick one up and not be impressed. The Surface RT’s designers and engineers should be proud of their creation. It’s not their fault.

Windows RT should not exist as a consumer-facing product. It’s a…

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Would a Small, High-End Android Phone Sell? Phone Makers Don’t Want to Find Out

19 Июл


It’s been a dream of gadget aficionados for years: a high-end Android phone that isn’t so friggin’ big. Every so often, someone writes an article bemoaning the fact that such a phone doesn’t exist, only to have their prayers ignored as Android phones get bigger and bigger.

The HTC One Mini could have been that little powerhouse. In rumors, it had a lot of things you’d want in a premium phone—aluminum chassis, speedy processor, high pixel-density display—but with a 4.3-inch display instead of the One’s 4.7-inch screen.

Now that the phone has been officially announced, we can see just how close the One Mini came to being that smaller, premium phone, while still falling victim to the idea that a small screen necessitates an inferior phone.

Though I haven’t used the One Mini myself, I expect that its dual-core Snapdragon 400 processor should be speedy enough for most tasks…

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Apple releases software update for new MacBook Air to fix Wi-Fi, audio & Photoshop bugs

19 Июл

Eric Whitacre conducts a virtual choir of nearly 6,000

16 Июл

TED Blog

There are thousands of faces in the skyscraper windows in this anime-inspired 3D music video. Each face is a webcam capture of a singer — 5,905 of them to be exact, from 101 countries across the globe. Their voices have been blended together into a virtual choir by composer Eric Whitacre for his latest composition, “Fly to Paradise.“

[ted_talkteaser id=1110]In 2010, Whitacre merged 185 singers from 12 countries singing via webcam, so that they sounded like they were performing together in one room. At TED2011, he unveiled a new work with a remote choir of 2,000 — and, at TED2013, he conducted a live and virtual choir, singing together in real time. The video above is his latest experiment in musical collaboration, and as Whitacre writes us: «We have taken the style in a bit of a different direction this time, experimenting and stretching our wings.» Fun fact: The…

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‘AT&T Next’: Buy new smartphone/tablet yearly, pay over 12 months ($0 down)

16 Июл

Report: Apple mulling $280M purchase of PrimeSense, the Israeli 3D body sensor firm behind Microsoft Kinect

16 Июл