Yelp To Acquire Online Reservation Service SeatMe For Up To $12.7M

19 Июл


Yelp has just announced that they’ve agreed to acquire SeatMe, the startup that set out to battle OpenTable in the restaurant reservation space.

No word yet on the acquisition price, though we’re digging.Update: Looks like they acquired them for $2.2 million in cash and 263,000 shares of common stock, pinning the acquisition price at a total up to $12.7 million.

SeatMe’s main offering is part web service, part iPad app. The web app lets restaurant owners easily add an online reservation system to their own site or Facebook page, while the iPad app lets the restaurant’s host/hostess manage their tables on the fly. It also has a few other neat tricks, like texting customers when their table is ready, or flagging a return customer’s known allergens and seating preferences.

Competitor OpenTable has been powering Yelp’s integrated reservation since around June of 2010 — this acquisition presumably means that that…

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