Would a Small, High-End Android Phone Sell? Phone Makers Don’t Want to Find Out

19 Июл


It’s been a dream of gadget aficionados for years: a high-end Android phone that isn’t so friggin’ big. Every so often, someone writes an article bemoaning the fact that such a phone doesn’t exist, only to have their prayers ignored as Android phones get bigger and bigger.

The HTC One Mini could have been that little powerhouse. In rumors, it had a lot of things you’d want in a premium phone—aluminum chassis, speedy processor, high pixel-density display—but with a 4.3-inch display instead of the One’s 4.7-inch screen.

Now that the phone has been officially announced, we can see just how close the One Mini came to being that smaller, premium phone, while still falling victim to the idea that a small screen necessitates an inferior phone.

Though I haven’t used the One Mini myself, I expect that its dual-core Snapdragon 400 processor should be speedy enough for most tasks…

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