Facebook Engineer Fires Back At BuzzFeed: Users Don’t Care How Many People View Their Posts

15 Июл


«The Number Facebook Doesn’t Want You To See», an article from Thursday by BuzzFeed claimed Facebook is hiding the number of people who see your posts so you don’t feel bad that most people don’t Like or comment. This morning, a Facebook engineer wrote a retort claiming that is «just plain wrong», and that Facebook’s testing showed most users are more interested in feedback than total views.

BuzzFeed cited a Stanford study of 220,000 Facebook users that says they underestimate their posts’ audience size by a factor of three. In reality, Facebook users reach 35% of their friends with each post and 61% of their friends per month.

The article hinged on the idea that if you have hundreds of friends yet only get a couple of Likes per post, it’s not that people don’t see your posts, it’s that they ignore them or don’t care  enough to Like. BuzzFeed’s Charlie…

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