As Dropbox Transforms From Utility To Platform, The Bulls And Bears Emerge

15 Июл


Editor’s Note:Semil Shah is a contributor to TechCrunch. You can follow him on Twitter at @semil.

Earlier this week, one of the Valley’s most steady high-growth technology companies held its first-ever developer conference — DBX — marking a potentially historical turning point for an already large company with the potential to become even larger.  The company — Dropbox — has all the ingredients for the breakout status it has earnestly earned. The founders are from MIT, the initial idea looked so simple (perhaps, only a feature) that some of today’s savviest investors passed  early, the company took root inside Y Combinator, perfectly timed its cloud storage offering, differentiated against incumbent solutions on speed and efficacy, fine-tuned and arbitraged a wickedly clever business model against declining storage fees and increasing rates of device obsolescence, famously spurned an acquisition offer by Steve Jobs, a multi-billion dollar valuation, and…

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