SoundBrush, An App That Lets You Draw Music, Turns The Untrained Into Musicians

14 Июл


An iPad app called SoundBrush is out to make music composition accessible, even those who don’t play an instrument. After releasing a MVP in April 2012 to test out the concept of drawing music on a tablet, SoundBrush released a more sophisticated second version last month along with a sharing and collaboration platform, Discover.

Think of it as finger painting with music. Users draw lines across the app’s grid, with time and notes mapped onto x and y axes, respectively. Recorded instruments form the sound of each note; piano, ocarina, and harmonica come free with the app, and users can pay a few dollars to upgrade to different instrument packages.

Co-founder Basil Al-Dajane told us that SoundBrush is looking to differentiate itself from competitors like GarageBand by offering a wider range of notes and by making it easy to move and copy groups of lines. They’ve also eschewed looped samples…

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