CrunchWeek: Nokia’s Lumia 1020, Dropbox’s Developer Conference, Hulu’s Non-Sale

13 Июл


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After a week off, CrunchWeek is back. Regulars Leena and Colleen were out of the office, but Greg Kumparak, Billy Gallagher, and I still got together to talk about the big tech stories from the past seven days.

We start our discussion with an overview of the new phone that Nokia announced this week, the Lumia 2010, which attracted attention for its 41-megapixel camera — something that prompted TechCrunch’s John Biggs to scoff that regular consumers aren’t interested in high-megapixel phones.

Greg takes us through the announcement, then we move on to Dropbox’s developer conference, where the company said that it has 175 million users and announced a Datastore API allowing developers to store and sync user data from apps. Lastly, we look at the announcement that Hulu’s owners aren’t selling the streaming video site (at least for now), and we talk about where Hulu goes…

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