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Study: Mobile Antivirus Apps Fail the Spyware Test

19 Июл


In a study published today on Techlicious, antivirus solutions from 12 major security vendors were shown to perform poorly against widely available spyware threats. Against nine apps that offer spyware-like features, no vendor detected more than six of the nine, with the lowest-ranking only detecting a third of the threats.

At the top of the list were Avast Mobile Security, Norton Mobile Security, Trend Micro Mobile Security, and TrustGo Security, while ESET Mobile Security and NQ Mobile took the bottom rung. The detailed scores for all 12 vendors are available on Techlicious.

A significant and growing threat

These results are particularly disturbing in light of the frequency of spyware infections among U.S. smartphone owners, the highly intrusive nature of the threat and the impact spyware can have on its victims.

According to security company Lookout, .24% of Android phones they scanned in the U.S…

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Gov’t officials & security experts attempt to crack Apple’s new iOS 7 ‘Activation Lock’ feature

19 Июл

Google Misses Estimates In Q2 With $14.1B In Revenue, Net Income Of $3.2B, And EPS Of $9.56

19 Июл


It’s that time again — Google’s fiscal second quarter earnings have just crossed the wires and they’re definitely not what most people expected. For Q2 2013, the company reported consolidated revenue of $14.1 billion (that’s up 19 percent from the year-ago quarter), net income of $3.23 billion, and non-GAAP earnings per share of $9.56.

In the days leading up the release, analysts expected the web giant to post some strong numbers — the consensus estimates according to Yahoo Finance pegged the company as posting non-GAAP earnings of $10.78 per share and $14.42 billion in revenue, both figures that Google couldn’t quite live up to this time around. If there’s anything close to a silver lining there, it’s that analysts were hoping to see Google’s revenue jump at least 20 percent year-over-year, and the company only missed that by about 1 percent.

Google’s stock hit an all time high earlier this…

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Microsoft’s Q4 Earnings Miss With $19.9B In Revenue, EPS Of $0.59, Takes $900M Charge Against Surface RT Inventory Adjustments

19 Июл


Microsoft just posted its earnings for its fourth financial quarter of 2013. The company reported revenue of $19.9 billion and earnings per share of $0.59. The Wall Street consensus was that Microsoft would report $20.74 billion in revenue and earnings per share of $0.75.

The surprise in this release is that Microsoft says it’s taking a $900 million charge «related to Surface RT inventory adjustments.» That’s quite a blow for Microsoft, which put a lot of resources into this project, which launched to middling reviews and failed to catch on with customers.


In the year-ago quarter, Microsoft reported $18.06 billion in revenue and a loss per share of $0.06 — the first quarterly loss per share in the company’s history — because of a massive writedown after its failed aQuantive acquisition.

“While our fourth quarter results were impacted by the decline in the PC market, we continue to see…

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Yelp To Acquire Online Reservation Service SeatMe For Up To $12.7M

19 Июл


Yelp has just announced that they’ve agreed to acquire SeatMe, the startup that set out to battle OpenTable in the restaurant reservation space.

No word yet on the acquisition price, though we’re digging.Update: Looks like they acquired them for $2.2 million in cash and 263,000 shares of common stock, pinning the acquisition price at a total up to $12.7 million.

SeatMe’s main offering is part web service, part iPad app. The web app lets restaurant owners easily add an online reservation system to their own site or Facebook page, while the iPad app lets the restaurant’s host/hostess manage their tables on the fly. It also has a few other neat tricks, like texting customers when their table is ready, or flagging a return customer’s known allergens and seating preferences.

Competitor OpenTable has been powering Yelp’s integrated reservation since around June of 2010 — this acquisition presumably means that that…

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Y Combinator-Backed FanHero Helps YouTubers Sell Branded Merch To Their Fans

19 Июл


There are a lot of new YouTube stars out there, dudes who have a bunch of subscribers to their channels, watching their videos and whatnot. But sometimes it’s tough to make a ton of money from YouTube. I mean, advertising isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be, and then you share some revenue with YouTube and the next thing you know there’s not that much left.

They’ve got a lot going for them. I mean, it’s cheaper than ever to buy a camera and get started and edit your stuff together and, man, there are a ton of people on YouTube. But they just wish they could make a little more money, you know. It’s hard out there being a YouTube creator.

I mean, you’ve just gotta keep churning out the videos. You know, feed the beast.

So anyway, there’s this company called FanHero. It’s all about helping those…

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Microsoft Finally Reveals That No One Wanted The Surface RT

19 Июл


Windows RT is a dog. We’ve been saying that from the beginning. We weren’t alone. It’s very hard to find a positive review of Windows RT, and more specifically, the nine-month-old Microsoft Surface with RT. And now Microsoft, in its latest earnings report, finally revealed that we were right.

The company took a massive $900M writedown last quarter because of unsold Surface RT’s. Even more telling is that Microsoft actually revealed this loss. It’s that big. The company had to tell investors why it didn’t meet Wall Street’s expectations.

Sadly, the Surface RT hardware is not at fault here. The tablet itself is actually a beautiful machine: sleek, solid and downright stunning. It’s hard to pick one up and not be impressed. The Surface RT’s designers and engineers should be proud of their creation. It’s not their fault.

Windows RT should not exist as a consumer-facing product. It’s a…

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